Angelika Nollert ; Josef Straßer
Beate Kuhn
Keramiken aus der Sammlung Freiberger / Ceramic Works from the Freiberger Collection

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Zustand: Neu
Anzahl Seiten: 224
Produktsprache: Deutsch / Englisch
Anzahl Abbildungen: 323
Gewicht: 1.3 kg
Breite: 249.4 mm
Höhe: 24.9 mm
Länge: 286.5 mm
ISBN: 9783897905023
Produktinformationen "Beate Kuhn"
With her unmistakable signature and exuberant imagination, Beate Kuhn (1927–2015) is one of the most significant German ceramicists of the post-war era. She turned to the liberal arts as early as the end of the 1950s. In linking sculptural reasoning with the possibilities of the material and inherent pottery techniques, the internationally renowned artist conquered the frontiers of ceramic and created virtuosic works that went on to form their own contribution to the history of modern sculpture. With over 180 works from all her periods of creativity, the Mannheim architect Klaus Freiberger was able to compile a collection unmatched anywhere else in the world. In honour of its foundation at the Neue Sammlung, the impressive oeuvre of Beate Kuhn is now being presented for the first time in this comprehensive publication.