Claudia Jobst ; Elisabeth Sturm-Bednarczyk
Viennese Porcelain of the Neo-classical Period
Conrad von Sorgenthal 1784-1805

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Anzahl Abbildungen: ca. 200 Farb- und 25 Schwarzweiß-Abbildungen
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Produktinformationen "Viennese Porcelain of the Neo-classical Period"
Enligthement, revolution and neo-classicism – these three main currents were to determine the entire period between 1760 and 1814. Viennese porcelain of the Sorgenthal period (1784-1805) is a unique reflection of the enlightened spirit and inventive genius of that age. Conrad von Sorgenthal´s improvements and innovations brought about a second heyday for the Viennese porcelain manufactory – the first was under the management of Claudius Innocentius du Pquier (1718-1744). Conrad von Sorgenthal managed to turn the renowned yet deficit-riden company into a successful business. Attractive new aesthetics took place of outdated artistic practices and attitudes. While the porcelain shapes became increasingely pure, the painting rejoiced in lavish opulence. Porcelain began to serve as a canvas and became a glorious espression of society´s understanding of its new role. The European aristocracy and the emerging bourgeoisie readily took over the patronage.

The finest examples of Viennese porcelain from the Sorgenthal period are presented in magnificent illustrations; well-researched texts document their history, attribution and provenance. An indispensable reference book for porcelain connoisseurs.